The Crew

Everyone matters at Sky Spirit. Today we can only continue to be a market leading gym in Malta through a team that’s equally proud of what we do, as committed and passionate as we’ve been since that first day back in 2013.

David Degiorgio

After graduated from the I.T.S. in Hospitality Management, David worked in one the leading 5 star hotels in Malta giving exceptional customer service as from a young age David was keen in sports and used to play tennis. Later on in life he took up cycling as a hobby. After 10 years in the Hospitality Sector he decided to combine the passion for customer service and sports, in joining the Sky Spirit Crew and working in the Reception.

Kirsten Axiaq

Kirsten has been working in the sales and retail sector for 12 years however, sports has always played a vital role in her life engaging in various fitness activities such as boxing and HIIT. She later started frequenting the gym religiously and during these four years training has become a passion rather than a hobby.
Kirsten has also competed in one of the biggest federations of body building, IFBB competition for 3 consecutive years, obtaining excellent results both locally and internationally. She enjoys working at the gym as this allows her to be immersed in a fitness environment. She also loves meeting new people and motivating them to work out.

Ingrid Vassallo

Ingrid is a fully qualified Ereps personal Trainer with a 17″years experience and a wide range of knowledge in this area and has attended several courses to further her knowledge. In here sporting career Ingrid played football in the women football league and also played for Maltese national team. She also coached several  clubs at youth level. She also played volleyball and water polo.

Fitness is her passion and helping people to achieve their goals and see results in a safe, effective and healthy way is her priority.


Analizia Balzan

Although she works as a Fitness Instructor on part-time basis, she’s been involved in sports and training for the last 10 years.  As a profession, she is a graduate in BSc (Hons) Business, working in the financial services. However, two years ago, she decided to attend and complete the Level 2 Gym instructor course. Being now a qualified EREPS fitness instructor, she enhanced her knowledge and developed further competency how to plan and deliver safe and effective exercises to customers.

She believes that nobody can make you happy, until you are happy with yourself! And, being active in training and working hard to achieve your own goals is one of the main elements that can help customers get confidence and happiness within themselves.


Neville Mercieca

Since the tender age of 8 sports and fitness have been part of Neville’s life with waterpolo and basketball as his main sporting disciplines. After graduating in B.commerce (Hons) in Management in 2002 he continued developing his fitness skills obtaining qualifications as a fitness instructor and personal trainer in 2010 and has been helping people with their health goals ever since. Neville is also a qualified sports massage therapist and continues being actively involved in waterpolo as one of Malta’s international waterpolo referees.
“I enjoy working out and staying active because it makes me feel alive. I compare our bodies to any machine – use it and care for it and it will keep on running for years. Leave it sitting on the side and it will rust away. Take care of your engine – your body – with exercise, good nutrition, good rest and a smile on your face!”

Jeanelle Cauchi

Jeanelle had always loved sports and has been training for the last five years. Training helps you to stay on track, improve confidence and keeps you motivated.
She enjoys working at the gym as a receptionist. She also loves meeting new people and makes new friends.

Kimberly Borg

Kimberly joined sky spirit over 5 years ago . She believes that training helps you improve both mental and physical health whilst boosting you overall confidence.

She loves working as part of a team, and loves motivating others!

Sandro Formosa

Sandro, an experienced restaurateur and ex-water polo player. With more than 25 years experience in the catering industry, and as a person who frequented gyms and fitness become part of his lifestyle, he got qualified as a Gym Trainer and a Fitness Instructor. He joined Sky Spirit Fitness Lounge in 2021. Sandro likes to interact with members and help them to achieve their goals.

Noeleen Montford

Noeleen is a student at the University of Malta following the Nursing course. She joined the Sky Spirit team in 2021 as a receptionist. She believes that training will leave you feeling happier, more relaxed and boosts your confidence.

Janel Vermeulen

Janel has always been passionate about health and fitness from his youth.
Directly after school he qualified as a Personal Trainer at ETA fitness college in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

He then joined the leading team of professional gymnasium and fitness trainers on the West Coast of South Africa in Langebaan starting in February 2019.

For three years he has helped numerous clients achieve their Health and Fitness goals.

He is also qualified as a Spinning; Bootcamp and Kettlebell instructor.

Personal trainers

Kurt Camilleri

Kurt Camilleri is a Software developer graduate who made a big career change and became a qualified personal trainer.

Being able to help others become the best version of themselves and also to be able to motivate and inspire others is something which really motivates him. Being able to see the progress that his clients make is something which makes the work that he does, really rewarding.


Kelly Ann Mintoff

Kelly Ann is a qualified personal trainer as well as a specialist in sports nutrition. Sports has always been a top priority ever since she was a child and hence decided to continue studying sport at university. Kelly has a Bachelor degree in sports and physical activity and is currently reading for a Masters in teaching and learning physical education. During the past year she has also qualified as a spinning instructor.

As a personal trainer, kelly aims at encouraging each client to succeed by creating opportunities tailored on the individuals journey. Kelly’s life motto is “Keep dreaming big and keep working hard”.


Kristen Borg

With over 14 years of experience within the fitness field, Kirsten Borg is a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor as well as a pre- and post-natal instructor. She is fully qualified in group exercise, spinning and TRX training. She found her true passion for wellbeing and physical activity after the loss of her mother. This difficult time helped her discover her inner strength through exercise and a healthier lifestyle. Her goal is to pass on all the benefits of exercise and such a lifestyle to people from all walks of life, whether they are young, or older in age, struggling with weight loss or weight gain as well as pregnant women or those who have just given birth. Her aim is to empower these individuals to find a sustainable lifestyle which they can carry throughout their entire life.

Glenn Saliba

Fitnessactive living and a healthy lifestyle are the main ingredients of a wholesome life.” Glen has always been involved in the sports industryHis passion is football, a sport he practices regularly with a local football club. Earlier in his careerhe even coached a number of youngsters at a local nursery. 

He is a very active person and passionate about fitness. Therefore, going to the gym to workout was a natural progression in his search for fitness and personal wellbeing. Glen’s aim is to pass on his passion and to help others achieve their personal objectives. 

With more than seven years of experience under his belt, Glen specialises in Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX), circuit training and kettlebell trainingHe is an experienced Level 3 Personal Trainerholding a Master Personal Training Diploma from the European Personal Training Institute and the ADL Advance Diploma in Nutritional Counselling. 

Your wellness is my ultimate goal,” is Glen’s personal training mantra and he perseveres to make it succeed. 

Marika Cassar

A healthy lifestyle plays a very important part of my life, especially those 15 years. The passion for fitness lead me to study and become personal trainer and having participated in various fitness competitions and representing Malta abroad. I believe that everyone should look and feel better and I am also committed to help other achieving their self esteem and their fitness goals considering their lifestyle.



Kevin Farrugia

Kevin has been 13 years in the fitness industry. He’s always been into sports since he was young. He did athletics, football, graded in martial arts and fitness. Graduated in 2011 with future focus in fitness instructing, graduated in 2014 in sports science and coaching, graduated in 2017 with EPTI level 4 advanced personal training. For him, fitness is intended to build a strong mindset that whatever you want in life you can have with hard work, sacrifice and dedication anything is possible .


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Moderate Level
Medium intensity workout, get ready to sweat!

A total body high intensity workout to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. You will experience a workout that trains every major muscle group in the entire body, with a variety of exercises designed to get your heart rate up and tone your muscles at the same time! Let’s be fit together!

Bums & Thighs
Moderate Level
Medium intensity workout, get ready to sweat!

Our equation starts with the five classic moves to target the glutes most effectively: lunges, single-leg squats, hip extensions, step-ups and side leg lifts. We then added a little complexity and dimension to each move by incorporating the principles of mobility and stability characteristic of all Sky Spirit programming.

Muscle Playground
Advanced Level
High intensity workout, only the brave ... or those seeking a challenge!

Muscle Playground Class is a form of body conditioning. Functional training helps provide you with the strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility that you need to thrive as you move through your life and sports.

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Featured class of the month

Power Abs

Exercises combined in a 30-minute format designed to strengthen the entire core with a focus on the abdominal and lower back muscles.

Most of us don’t have a half an hour a day, six days a week , But this class is designed exclusively to work on the mid body section, even just three times a week gets results. Intensity is the key to this abs workout. With some high-energy tunes to get you motivated, and move quickly from one movement to the next, resting only where directed.

This workout consists of mountain climbers, planks work,some weights, sit-ups, crunches and lots of other new techniques using bosu, stability and medicine balls. You need to give your maximum effort to make this workout effective. It lasts 10-12 minutes, so every repetition counts. Our minds can hold us back from giving max effort, so make sure you’re mentally ready to train before you start the workout. You know you can push yourself hard for 12 minutes. Don’t stop until it’s over. You can do it!

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