Sport Therapy

Our experienced Sports therapists give advice to sport and exercise participants on how to train and compete safely, as well as treat injuries and assist with rehabilitation. Their aim is to prevent injuries and to help those who are injured to return to full fitness.

Sky Spirit Fitness LoungeSports therapy and rehabilitation is concerned with musculoskeletal conditions arising from sporting activity, not with general healthcare. It focuses on understanding and preventing sports injuries and dealing with the effects of physical and emotional trauma due to sports and exercise related injuries.

At Sky Spirit we offer programs created specially by Sports physical therapists where they assist athletically active individuals to improve their performance in a variety of ways, including injury prevention, recognition, treatment, and rehabilitation of physical trauma to those in the active population.

The foundation of performance enhancement is provided by a thorough evaluation of the Neuro-musculoskeletal and the cardiovascular-pulmonary systems. The results of this evaluation are compiled to outline strengths and weaknesses in an individual’s physical profile.

This profile can then be matched to the individual’s specific athletic activity. Areas of deficiency in flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and in the aerobic/anaerobic systems can be outlined in a specific training regime. Follow-up evaluations can determine further training program changes.

Our sports therapists examine patients’ medical histories and then test and measure strength, range of motion, balance and coordination, posture, muscle performance and respiration. Next, in a collaborative effort with the client, a Personal Trainer develops a treatment plan describing a strategy as well as its purpose, goals, and anticipated outcome.

We believe that therapeutic exercise, activities, and postural education, along with manual techniques, are most effective at not only correcting physical problems, but also minimizing and preventing future injury and disease. The treatment offered is a full hour of one-on-one care.

For more sports therapy information or to book a consultation please call us on (+356) 2122 0055 / (+356) 2122 0077 or email at


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