Want to lose weight? Don’t skip lunch.

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When you’re trying to shed kilos and maintain a healthy eating plan, lunchtime can be a real battle. Snacking on fruit and salads only isn’t going to do the trick. You might think you’re on the right track to losing weight, but you’ll probably find yourself eating the wrong thing out of starvation by 3 p.m. The real weight-loss lunch secret is eating healthy foods that will fill you up!

Don’t be fooled by wraps

They may look like a healthy alternative to a sandwich, but tortillas can be stuffed with a startling amount of meat and cheese. And the tortilla itself may be thin but it delivers up to 350 calories and just a couple of grams of fiber compared to the 140 calories and 4 grams of fiber you get from two slices of whole wheat or oat bran bread. Better to stick with the sandwich or, if you choose a wrap, eat just half today and save half for tomorrow.

Go with the grain

Grain salads, quinoa and bulgur for instance, are incredibly easy to put together the night before. Just add some canned tuna to a salad made with bulgur, chopped parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes, olive oil, and lemon juice.

Treat yourself to pizza

 For fast and easy good carb choices, a slice (not two) of cheese or vegetarian thin-crust pizza is a surprisingly good option. The glycemic load is low, and the cheese will help fill you up.

Lean on leftovers

One of the fastest, easiest, and most satisfying ways to enjoy a healthy lunch is to eat healthy dinner leftovers. Meals like vegetarian chili or chicken stir-fry make excellent lunches the next day.

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