Losing Weight is all in the mind

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 | Filed under: Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Here’s an amazing fact about mindset: Most women who go on a diet give up after five weeks and two days. So why do so many people keep on doing it year after year? Because it’s a habit. We think dieting or going to the gym will solve the problem of a bulging waistline – and every year we do it.

diet mindIf we thought about it logically we’d realise that if dieting’s really the answer we’d only have to do it once, not repeat it time and again.

So what is the answer? I’ll tell you – losing weight is about your mindset. Mindset is a way of thinking that determines your behaviour, outlook and mental attitude.

Very often, what you think also determines what you eat. Here’s a little test for you: Are you over-eating for emotional reasons – because you’re bored, sad, lonely, angry? Does it make you feel good? Is food a reward? Is food your answer to your questions? Do you eat biscuits or cakes because it’s what you do – biscuits with morning coffee, cream cakes with afternoon tea – or a pastitzi here and there ? and you’re doing what you’ve always done?

It’s easier than many people might think to break habits and create new ones. If you answered yes to the questions I’ve just asked, then you’ve already taken the first step because you’ve recognised that so much of what you do from day to day is governed by your mindset. The mindset that has made someone put on weight is the same mindset that can help them lose  weight. Your fitness is 100percent mental, your body wont go where your mind does not push it.

So make it a point to set your mind for this summer and come join me for more consultation on diet plans and personal training here at Sky spirit fitness lounge. For more information and bookings contact us on info@skyspiritmalta.com





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