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Hampton Fitness products are known for their quality, uniqueness, and reliability, which makes them a staple at some of the best fitness clubs around the world. The quality of Hampton products is best proven by gaining hands-on experience through training. We would like to invite anyone interested to test our products at Sky Spirit Fitness Lounge.

Sky Spirit Fitness Lounge

Gel-Grip™ Line

If you are looking for the best products in the world, you must take a look into our products from the Gel-Grip™ line. They are made with the greatest precision in the history of free weights products. Before introducing them to the market, our scientist spent three years developing them, choosing proper materials and then conducting a series of long, arduous tests. There is no other existing product that would attract more attention and stoke more emotions! Now you’ll be able to enter the new era of training and will make it an amazing experience. If you intend to enhance your training techniques, Gel-Grip™ dumbbells and barbells are made for you. By using these products your training will be so attractive and effective that you won’t be able to come adrift from it. Thanks to these products, your club will charm with its design even the most fastidious tastes.

The greatest advantage of the Gel-Grip™ line is the urethane Snug-Grip™ grip, which prevents hands from moving during the workout. Gel-Grip™ dumbbells are ergonomically designed and profiled in order to support the natural hand curvature, which allows grip to be centered and eliminates painful consequences typical for traditional grips, which tend to move during exercising. What is more, a smooth, urethane surface won’t allow any bacteria or microorganisms to stick. Dumbbell and barbell heads are made of pure urethane. You may be sure that by owning Gel-Grip™ products, you own a one of a kind product available on the market. We guarantee you that you won’t find them at any other producer. Products from the Gel-Grip™ line are equipped with all cutting edge technologies which will make practising on them almost irresistible for you. These products are definitely the most hygienic on the market.

In order to prove long vitality of our products, we provide you with a 5-year warranty.

Every club should own equipment that is attractive, but also functional, manageable and safe in use. Hampton’s Gel-Grip™ products represent all those features and requirements. By investing in them you will surely make them the main and hot spot of your club. And in addition to that – you can brand them with your company’s own logo! Hampton offers stainless steel plates on which we can engrave the logo of your company.

For more information on Hampton products contact reception at Sky Spirit Fitness Lounge or email us on sarah@skyspiritmalta.com

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