Karl Bonello

karlKarl has been working out since the age of 18. It is there where he found time to relieve stress whilst getting physically fit. It is part of his daily routine and does not feel like a chore as many people may say and think.

“I am a very active person, who likes the outdoors. My main hobby is riding my enduro bike and I enjoy diving, weight boarding and playing football”.

Karl will be in charge of operations at Sky Spirit.

Kristen Borg

kristenKristen has been training for the past 12 years and her passion is fitness. She especially enjoys running. She has been teaching for the past 5 years and her biggest challenge is to help people change their lifestyle and start being more active and health-conscious. “I believe that the way to be happy is to make others happy and I try to do that by creating fitness classes which are fun but yet effective and rewarding”.

Kristen is also a pre and post natal fitness specialist as well as a Nutrition and Weight Management Adviser. We are very happy to have Kristen as part of the Sky Spirit team. Kristen will be running the pre and post natal workouts as well as giving group training classes.

Manuel Mangion

manuelManuel started his professional career in sports and physical education 18 years ago and graduated with a Bachelor in Education with first class Honours in Physical Education and EMY. He is also a Coach with the Malta Sports Council, he’s a certified Belay High Ropes Master Instructor and has also worked in creative team-building events.

As a physical education teacher, Manuel has taught numerous sports. He has also practiced rugby, kickboxing, judo, scuba-diving, squash and canoe-racing and is passionate about trekking, cycling, kayaking and swimming. However, he has consistently focused on weight and circuit-training as a comprehensive physical training regime with over 9 years of experience in various gyms as a Gym, Fitness and Circuit-Training Class Instructor, including personal training on request.

Manuel’s philosophy is grounded in a holistic approach; combining a healthy lifestyle and organic nutrition with the physical and psychological benefits of exercise. This is the road to ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. Manuel enjoys working with people in a creative and individualised approach to motivate them to initiate, pursue and advance their optimum physical fitness. He strongly believes that exercise and discipline go hand-in-hand and thus drives people to get out of their comfort zone and take up physical fitness with a good measure of perseverance!

Manuel will be the Chief Fitness Consultant at Sky Spirit and will also be running a number of signature classes.

Ingrid Vassallo

Ingrid is a fully qualified Ereps personal Trainer with a 17″years experience and a wide range of knowledge in this area and has attended several courses to further her knowledge.ingridIn here sporting career Ingrid played football in the women football league and also played for Maltese national team. She also coached several  clubs at youth level. She also played volleyball and water polo.

Fitness is her passion and helping people to achieve their goals and see results in a safe, effective and healthy way is her priority.


Glen Salibaglenn

Glen has always been involved in the sports industry, mainly football. In fact he currently plays for a local team. In the past he also coached at a local nursery. He is a very active person and passionate about fitness therefore going to the gym to workout was a natural progression in his search for fitness and personal well being. Glen’s aim is to pass on his passion for fitness and to help others achieve their personal goals. This is why he decided to work in a gym; so that he can help others realize their dreams.

Elaine Cutajar

elaineElaine is a Graduate in Commerce, pursuing a career in Investments and currently works at one of Malta’s leading insurance companies. She is an optimistic and outgoing individual who enjoys meeting new people and spending quality time with her family and friends.  Her hobbies include reading, going for long walks in the country side, and enjoying Malta’s sun and sea in the summer as well as keeping up with the latest fashion trends.  Elaine believes that exercising regularly adds balance to the hectic lives most of us face today; “I find that an effective but fun workout helps me unwind and have a more positive attitude in my everyday professional and personal life” She recently completed a course of exercise to music to become a fitness instructor, and is now performing RUSH HOUR classes at sky spirit.

Marconia Schembri

marconiaMarconia Schembri brings on 15 years of experience to the local fitness arena covering various areas of instruction,  ranging from  gym, exercise to music group fitness, Pilates and pre and post natal instruction. As a graduate in Physical Education, she holds the post of Head of Department for Physical Education and has extended her expertise with a Masters in Physical Activity and Public Health, allowing her further in-depth knowledge to her full time dedication to health as a way of life from the early years of life. She is also a Nutrition Specialist with a diploma in general nutrition and other specialised areas like weight management and nutrition for sport and exercise. Marconia has a passion for all that promotes, drives or results in firmly establishing health as a natural aspect of people’s life styles and mentality from a tender age.  She has made it her mission to strive to be of positive influence especially on the future generations.

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