Are energy drinks necessary pre-workout?

Friday, October 18th, 2013 | Filed under: Workouts
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Sometimes I need a kick before a session!

There’s no doubt that energy drinks are becoming increasingly popular, but you’re body just doesn’t need them. Some studies have shown that the beverages (which are primarily sugar, caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone and various amino acids) increase performance, enhancing focus and energy, but overall findings have been inconclusive.

On average, these drinks contain 2-3 times the recommended daily amount of suggested sugar, and caffeine is a natural dietetic that can lead to dehydration, muscle cramping, increased blood pressure, laxative response and other symptoms that affect your athletic performance.

The best game plan is to snack on light protein-based snacks like nuts or seeds 30 minutes before your workout. Sip on water with a lemon and eat a handful of raw almonds and a banana. Other options can be a hard-boiled egg with whole grain or rice crackers with almond butter. All of these snacks have protein and Omega 3s that will give you the energy you need. Make sure you stay hydrated before, during and after your workout. And don’t forget to refuel after ward. Coconut water is also a very good option because it’s very hydrating and has medium chain fatty acids which aid in weight loss.

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