A tech detox!

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 | Filed under: Lifestyle, Wellness
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Do you get anxious if you accidentally leave your cell phone at home for the day? Are you constantly checking for new messages, emails, or social media updates, even when you are in the restroom? Do you text and drive despite knowing the potentially deadly consequences? Are you staring at a screen for the majority of your day? Then we have a tip you might need! A tech detox!

There are many studies that show how technology can contribute to high levels of stress, strain on relationships and family, attention deficit disorder symptoms, certain mental disorders, and even health problems including possibly cancer. As much as it may pain you to consider, it could be time for a detox, a voluntary reduction in your use of technology. The more things you’re hooked into, the harder this will be and the more anxiety it will produce. But if conducted in a thoughtful manner, a detox can help you release some of the negative buildup of your technology use and give you the break you need to make better choices going forward.
When you decide to stop doing something you enjoy, you create a void. Whatever you were doing filled some sort of need, and ceasing that activity will cause that need to resurface. If you don’t fill that need, that void, with something else, it’s going to feel like an enormous black hole. Be proactive; as you decide what you’re going to reduce, determine something positive, healthy, and uplifting you’re going to replace it with.
Suppose you decide you’re going to reduce your amount of Facebook time during the week, from daily to only every other day. On those non-Facebook days, you could arrange to meet in person with a friend and head down to the gym and do a workout or a class! Your body will thank you for it! And it will also help you relieve stress!

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